Ten Useful Ukraine Girls Lifehacks For Summer of 2017
Finally, summer is around the corner! Hot, unpredictable and adventurous!
Unfortunately, the season is changing, and not everyone can enjoy the holiday, the sea and the mountains, but do not despair - the summer always brings delicious fruits, chocolate tan, stunning evenings and nights, the most beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets and, perhaps, a new novel. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with 15 simple tips that will be useful to you in the summer of 2017.

- To prolong the effect of sunburn, you must follow a few simple rules. First, the skin needs moisturizing. Always moisturize the skin: before a sunburn, during and after. Support the tan from the inside with the help of products with vitamins A and C: carrots, eggs, butter, apricots and melon.

- The most suitable time for tanning - until 11 am and from 4 pm. In the interval from 11am to 4pm the sun is the most harmful and merciless. Sunbathing at this time is dangerous, and there is a great chance not to get sunburned, but to burn and damage the skin.

- Summer is the time for picnics. Shish kebabs, grilled vegetables is the standard menu for outings on nature. To light a fire in the absence of necessary special means, it is possible to use usual potato chips - they perfectly burn and support heat.

- If you take valuable things to the beach with you, you need to insure yourself and protect your phone and money. To protect valuable items from beach thieves, hide them in an empty tube from a sunblock. No one will guess that in this place you have money and smartphone.

- To pre-cool the drink, pour a third of the water into the bottle and put it in the freezer. Water will turn into ice, you can add any drink to the bottle, which will instantly cool by gradually melting ice.

- To quickly cool the drink, wrap the bottle with damp baking paper. Put in the fridge or freezer. After 5-10 minutes the drink will become cool.

- To get rid of midges and mosquitoes in the open air, make a special mixture that insects can not stand. Mix the warm water with the sliced ​​basil leaves. Pour the agent into the bottle with a nebulizer and use as a spray.

- Summer is an ideal time to spend more time in the fresh air. Try to change the gym for running along the embankments, practicing yoga in the park and training on the horizontal bars in the yard. Try to go to work on foot, and replace the car with a bicycle or scooter.

- Agree that in the city in which you live, there are many places in which you have never visited. Take care of local tourism: visit not new establishments, but museums, attractions, those areas you have never attend. In summer the city is usually empty, therefore walking is more pleasant.

- The last summer lifehack is the easiest: just spend this summer unforgettably. Enjoy life and use every opportunity to be happy. Remember that we create all events in our lives.

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