Ten worst gifts for Russian girls for the New Year
As you know, Christmas gift is the most important gift of the year. The cities, the shop windows, houses and shopping malls are decorated with nice Christmas tinsel. In anticipation of the holiday Russian Girls embody the most daring decorative and culinary ideas, and as a token of gratitude and reverence, they expect surprises and colorful gifts from their men.

It's always good when you know in advance what will surely gladden your Russian girlfriend, girl, Ukrainian wife, a daughter. But, if you are not sure choosing a gift, it is necessary to get acquainted with the list of gifts that can spoil the mood and mar the holiday.

We have made the top 10 unwanted gifts to the girl.

Position #1 you should forget about is the kitchen attributes. Pots, pans, baking dishes, meat grinders, knives, and other kitchen utensils resemble a woman about her daily routine. This gift of has a lot of hidden clues. So it’s better not to give such stuff.

Second place in the ranking is for candles, figurines of animals - the mascots of the eastern calendar, and similar gadgets.

Item #3 is cheap jewelry. If you do not have much money for expensive jewelry, it is better not to give anything like that at all. A flea cheap jewelry unlikely will please your girl.

At the fourth position of unwanted gifts, there are diet pills and all concerning weight loss. Such a gift is a direct reference to the defects of the girl. Don’t make such gifts.

The fifth line is soft toys. Soft toy is a positive emotion for a few minutes. Then this gift will be covered with dust on some shelf.

Sixth place is perfume or eau de toilette.
Many women love these gifts, but the theme of smell is very individual. Give the perfume only if you’re assured what she likes.

On the seventh line of this anti-ranking is wrinkle cream or anti-cellulite cream.
We can also add shampoo for hair loss, a subscription to a fitness room, as well as stretch marks cream for pregnant women. Such a gift would be seen as a manifestation of malignancy, or at least insensitivity and lack of tact.

The eighth position is a book. This gift can be a hint of lack of intelligence, which may hurt the girl.

Position #9 is a pet. Giving such gift without approval is not necessary. Again, the girl may be allergic. Or maybe she just does not like animals. Perhaps she is rarely at home for whatever reason and she has no time to care for pets.

The final tenth place is the clothes or underwear. Underwear is an intimate gift and it is necessary to consider that such an option is not suitable for everyone. You also need to be sure of the size. Besides your gift may not be suitable for color or fit badly.
Also, do not forget to remove the price tags with gifts and sign the card. Girls love the attention and kind words. You can buy candy and flowers, but only in addition to the present.

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