The First Date in Real Life: How to Increase the Chances for the Second One.
Right restaurant choice can increase the chances of the next date for 170%. As it was found definite places, topics for discussion and even the restaurants can influence your relationship development. Take these factors in mind and you won’t wonder when the lady agrees to meet again.

The couples met online will go for a second date in 78% of cases than the couples who was met in real life. Invite her for a dinner as it is ideal for learning each other better. The researches have found out that Japanese restaurants and sushi bars increase the second date chances in comparison with traditional cuisine. Japanese cuisine helps to feel the emotional excitement. Fish makes your blood circulate more actively. The seaweed contains iodine, which increases the level of testosterone and exciting. Wasabi increases heart rate and can make you blush. In general, both of you will feel the excitement. In addition, people often try sushi and rolls from each other, and it makes people closer.

Speak about politics. No matter what your views are, the most important is to have them and not to hesitate to express them in a respectful manner. The ability to discuss the controversial issue calmly will show you as a kind, tolerant, flexible and compassionate man that is so appreciated by women.

Don’t spend too much time with her at the first date. The chances of meeting fall quickly if the first date lasts more than 2 hours. Any talk of such duration is tiring. What to say about a conversation with a stranger? So arrange one more meeting with her and give her a lift.

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