The meaning of the gifts: yellow tulips for Russian girls
There is a popular song of Russian woman singer: “Red tulips are the hints for breaking up”. But is there a reason to consider yellow tulips given by loving person to be the hint for soon break up?

Yellow is the major color that expresses the need to open, to give happiness and cheer, the hope for success, release from problems and restrictions. Besides, yellow belongs to warm colors and its shadows carries positive energy and aura. Most people associate yellow with the sun, gold and the hope for bright future. That is the reason the florists use yellow colors making the bouquets. Red, yellow and green are the most popular bouquets for sophisticated gift.

Once you ask the florist who buy the bouquets of yellow tulips, their response will be like that: “All who loves yellow”. And who loves yellow? This is the question to the psychologists. The yellow color lovers are active, full of energy, cheerful people who move easily in life, optimistic, kind a bit risky and unpredictable.

Unfortunately the excess of yellow makes you feel tired that is why the bouquet of yellow tulips is a ray of sun in the room, but if there are more yellow objects there, you will have a desire to run away in some hours.

Thus yellow flowers should be used reasonably. There is no place to superstitions. Yellow isn’t considered to be something mystical. If a man gives yellow tulips to the lady it means the only thing – he loves yellow color and he expresses his love to the lady, hopes for the relationship development and he is ready for the new stage.

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