The things you shouldn’t mention at your first date with Russian lady
Be regardful to your lady and to her native country and culture. It’s better not to joke and make fun of such serious topics. Her vision can differ from yours and your jokes can seem her to be unpleasant and rude. No one likes to hear offensive words towards his (in our situation her) motherland.
Sex is also very contradictory subject and is not likely being mentioned on the first date with a sweet mail order bride. Leave the discussion of your sexual preferences and likes on the following meetings (of course if you want to have these following dates with this beautiful girl).
If you don’t mention these themes, you will have a chance to turn your first date into second one. Treat your lady like she is the only woman in the world: with love and respect. And who knows? May be our tip will help you to have a successful date and later to develop your love relations.

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