The time of the Dragon has come
Were you or your girlfriend born in the year of the dragon? On the 10th, one of the most powerful and vibrant animals of the Eastern calendar comes into its own! An unusual, interesting and eventful year awaits you. The green colour symbolizes flexibility and pliability.

The Dragon has very favourable characteristics, so the year brings good luck, prosperity and some kind of breakthrough. People who are confident and clear about their goals are sure to achieve success. Doubts, trembling knees and fears must be overcome. But you should not act impudently and arrogantly - a clear plan is absolutely required.

This is a great reason to give a gift! It is preferable to give spectacular items for the interior, clothes, and jewellery. You will definitely find something suitable in our Delivery list! Women can be given impressions as a gift: a trip to the spa, or a massage. There are a huge number of options!

If you have already met and are spending time together, how do you look at active options? If the recipient loves thrills, choose a hot air balloon ride or parachute jump. Fitness memberships would be a good idea as well.

By the way, dragons are creatures devoted to each other. They create strong couples once and for life. Maybe it makes sense to pay attention to a dragon girl if you are a dragon yourself? Be sure to share your love story with us later. We'll be looking forward to it!

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