Three Interesting Facts About Russian Women: Do They Really Have a Sense of Humor?
Many men tend to think that women do not have a sense of humor. Scientists make a correction: the girls like laughing more than joking.

1. Do not laugh, make laugh
From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, the ability to joke is an evidence of intelligence and, consequently, it means that a person has better genes. Therefore, considering a sense of humor from a gender perspective, the experts came to the conclusion that it is an important factor when choosing a partner.
The only difference is that men want the women to perceive their jokes, but they should not necessarily have the ability to joke, and women on the contrary: they want their men to make them laugh but it is not obligatory for them that their men laugh at their jokes. Just look at dating ads. The women want to be with a man with a good sense of humor to get fun, but they do not promise a good sense of humor in return.

2. At one level
In 1993, Professor Robert Provine of the University of Maryland and colleagues, working on the theme of spontaneous conversations, investigated the way people communicate in public places. Having studied 1200 recorded episodes of laughter the researchers noted: women laugh much more often than men (but at the same time both are actively make fun of men more than of women).
Nevertheless, scientists have consistently argued that women’s jokes are not worse than men’s, the women just do it less often.

3. Jokes differ
But it is clear that male and female humor is not the same thing! That's right. It is noticed that the girls like self-critical jokes and funny stories more. Men manage better what's called witticisms: make a short and witty joke - and all around are laughing.

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