Top Fifteen Most Popular Professions Russian Ladies are Looking for on Dating Sites
Have you ever thought the representatives of what professions are popular on dating sites? Sometimes your work can attract or repel more than your photo!
Popular matchmaking service decided to share such information with its users and other idly interested people. Dating analysts have studied the profiles of several million users of online dating sites and compiled a list of professions that are most in demand among users of the opposite sex.

So, when the next time you fill the folders of a dating profile, be sure to study these lists. The scientists are convinced that the user's profession is sometimes more important than even a photograph of his profile.

Women prefer users of the following professions:
1. The pilot
 2. Entrepreneur
 3. The fireman
 4. The doctor
 5. Anchorman
 6. Teacher
 7. Engineer
 8. The model
 9. The nurse
 10. The student
 11. Counsel
 12. Fitness Trainer
 13. Financial advisor
 14. The policeman
 15. Military
And men prefer female users of such professions:
1. Physiotherapist
 2. Interior Designer
 3. Entrepreneur
 4. Public Relations Specialist
 5. The teacher
 6. A student
 7. Speech therapist
 8. Apothecary
 9. SMM-specialist
10. The model
 11. Dental hygienist
12. Nurse
13. The stewardess
14. Fitness Trainer
15. Realtor

What's about you? Are you really prefer the lady with the occupation from the list more than somebody else? Or is the way she looks much important for you? And what's about your own occupation? Is it on the list? Well, nevertheless love doesn't know any limits and if you find the one to share your chemistry with, it won't be important what occupation you both are.

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