Top Ten sexiest Men's Professions From Russian Brides
Many Russian girls dream that their spouse is engaged in some courageous, sexually attractive and at the same time with a touch of romantic business. We have learned which professions of the strongest half of humanity are the most attractive from the point of view of the beauties from Russia.

1. Sportsmen in the Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. In such men lies the tenacity, the strength of mind, the core.

2. Doctors. The men of this profession combine kindness, keen intelligence, an excellent sense of humor and sincerity.

3. Rock-musicians. This is a special sexual energy. A man who sings from the stage for thousands of women and each of them dreams of his fleeting smile and gaze of an idol.

4. Engineer. Those who choose the profession of an engineer, know almost everything. They are intelligent, resourceful, solve problems easily, are responsible and self-confident. And even these men have "golden hands", and they are always in business, and this is very attractive.

5. Rescuers. These are people who are willing to risk their lives to save others.

6. The lawyer. Their work is a separate world. There is not a man who does not paint a classic suit. Restraint and the ability to think through any situation for a dozen steps forward.

7. The psychologist. These guys seem inquisitive, cheerful, able to get to the bottom, ask the right question and generate interest. They want to learn.

8. Firefighters are an example of courage. They risk their lives for the sake of others, quickly make decisions.

9. The pilot is about responsibility, calmness, pleasant speech before and during the flight, and it is always interesting how the owner of such a voice looks.

10. Actor. What to say? It is a wit and intelligence.

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