What should your Russian Bride know about St.Valentine's celebration in other countries?
St. Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world in different ways. But what unites the different cultures this day? Of course, it is LOVE! Will you celebrate it with your Russian girlfriend?

Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated on 14 of February. There is the Legend about a priest named Valentine, who agreed to marry everybody who wanted it despite the law. This fact has become the reason for this celebration.

Traditionally, for the Valentine's Day, people in love give each other Valentines. These are the notes or small cards with the wishes, congratulations or comic poems. They must be anonymous. Some people even deliberately change their handwriting, signing valentines to allow the recipient himself guess who is the sender or remain in the dark.

In addition, people give candies in a shape of hearts. The enterprising vendors offer a variety of gift options by this day. These are a soft toy with a heart, pillows, wallets ...
The French give each other jewelry and spend the evening together by booking a table at a restaurant or strolling under the Eiffel Tower.

It is noteworthy that in Europe there has been a funny tradition for several centuries: this day a woman can go to any handsome man and propose him.

This day, people congratulate not only lovers but also all people who have the name of Valentine. In Russia, there is a male name Valentin and female name Valentina.
Americans and Germans, in addition to their beloved one, also congratulate the teachers and their colleagues. But the British have gone beyond all - they also congratulate pets: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and parrots.

In Japan, Valentine's Day is generally considered to be an exclusively male holiday. The traditional symbol of this day in Japan is a chocolate figure of a saint. Only once a year, February 14 a woman, without spoiling its reputation, can make a declaration of love to the man, giving him a chocolate bar.

In fact, in Japan, the chocolate should be presented to the colleagues and just friends not due to politeness, but because of duty ( "giri"). These chocolates are called "giri choco". Their price is low and one can afford to buy them for all those who are to be congratulated.
For their true love Japanese do not dare money for a gift and they try to find something original. They Women who Gave the giri choco should be given jewelry, branded handbag or be invited to the restaurant.

It is noteworthy that a month later the man is obliged to present a return gift to his beloved. This time men give white chocolate, so the March 14 is called "white day" in Japan.
Wherever the Valentine's Day is celebrated, the lovers always try to make this holiday brighter and more romantic for each other.

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