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The feast of the summer solstice in Sweden

June in Europe is marked by the pagan festival of the summer solstice. Most of all it is revered by Scandinavians who get so little heat and the sun. The Swedes, for example, celebrate it on a national scale. Every year they have three legal days off to spend them in a traditional style. In Midsommarafton, none self-respecting citizen would work, but take his family away from the city and join the celebration with the singing of local songs, cooking traditional food, drinks, and local entertainment. If in June you decide to travel to Stockholm, then Scandinavian midsummer night can be easily spent in the Park Vitabergsparken. Log in here is free, and there agre great variety of options how to spend your time. Once in Goteborg, it is best to go to Slottsskogen park with the best entertainment in the district. The Swedes prefer to spend a holiday of the summer solstice in the Dalarna region in one of the towns around the lake Siljan. In Leksand, Rättvik and Mora the celebrations are the most authentic.

Whale watching in Iceland

It is no secret that Iceland is best visited in the summer. During this period, the average temperature is 13 ° C, while once it reached even 30 ° C, however, it was 75 years ago. When the clouds are dispersed and the wind dies down a bit, go to Reykjavik! You not only will have a chance to see everything clearly, not being afraid of cold, but also you will be able to observe northern whales. It is in the summer, there is a chance to see a lot of whales. Up to 20 species of cetaceans swim out to show off to tourists. Flashing tails can be seen from the shore, but it is better to use one of the excursions with access to the sea. It is possible to find a tour in advance at around € 50, or to make a deal with the locals.
In such an expensive country like Iceland, you can save a great on rent. In the entire country there are more than 40 camping items, united by one system - campingcard. This card costs € 110 and runs 28 nights. During this time, you can stop at any one for a few nights. You can live in a tent or the mobile home.
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