What topics to avoid when being on the date with a gorgeous lady?
Yes! You did it! You have just invited this wonderful hot Russian lady on the first date? It seems that you are the happiest man on the Earth and can move mountains and coupe with absolutely any problem. However what will you do on the date? May be you know what to talk about, but do you know what subjects are strictly forbidden if you want the first date to be successful. First date is the initiatory step on your way to serious relationships and may be to the happy long-lasting family life. Here are just few conversation topics you should always stay away from on any first date. For example politics, religion and money are not likely being brought up at the very beginning of your relations. You should be very careful when talking on these themes, as the majority of people have their own firm believes and views.
Also you shouldn’t touch on the theme of exes (both: her boyfriends and yours girlfriends). This topic can easily ruin the romantic atmosphere necessary for successful dating, as it often brings such feelings as anger, annoyance, disappointment and heartache. Do you really need all these adverse emotions? Discuss your future with your Russian bride – it is much interesting topic to speak about.

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