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How do I send flowers to a lady, who does not have a “Send flowers” button?

If a lady’s profile does not have “Send flowers” button, this might be caused by several reasons- the lady might be out of town, sick or away from home with other circumstances and she gets in touch with our partners by phone/email. You can ask the lady about it or contact us by filling the form below and we’ll check whether no “Send flowers” button is temporary or not.

When can I send my contact information to a lady?

Yes, you can send any contact information to the lady of your choice on condition she is ready for direct contact. Most ladies are hesitant about men’s requirements to exchange such personal data as phone numbers or emails from the very first letter, since they do not yet know each other well enough to share personal contact information. Please be patient, show the lady how serious you are in your intentions and we are sure, she will be happy to switch to direct communication, start video calling and build a long and happy relationship with you.

It has always been a priority for us to provide our customers with a safe and comfortable service and to ensure sensitive information protection. With the help of our Customer Support Service, you can share personal contact information for free with the lady by mutual consent. The confirmation of acceptance to ascertain both parties agree is to submit "Client Consent Form".

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