8 Translation Stars at USSR-STAR.COM
Every year on September 30, in many countries, a professional holiday of interpreters and translators is celebrated - International Translation Day.

Perhaps we know better than others how important the role of professional translation is in uniting people, in promoting peace, understanding and developing international relations! How many loving and longing souls on our site need the help of translators! How much they have already helped our users to take the first steps towards each other, and for many - to create real international families and unite in happiness!

Professional translation as a true craft and art plays an important role in achieving the goals of not only politicians, businessmen, scientists, but also the simple people, bringing them together, promoting dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation, ensuring the development and strengthening of international peace and security.

“Post horses of progress” - this is how Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin figuratively called translators whose significance in the life of all mankind since the destruction of the Tower of Babel has been enormous, although not always noticeable. But without translators, many works of literature and cinema, the achievements of science and technology would not be available, people from different countries could not communicate with each other ... And there would be no happy marriages! We thank our excellent translators and linguists, and also draw the attention of our clients to the girls of this profession who already speak foreign languages!

1. Alina from Kiev
2. Tania from Saint-Petersburg
3. Nina from Simferopol
4. Alisa from Vinnitsa
5. Olga from Zhytomyr
6. Darya from Tallinn
7. Nina from Saint-Petersburg
8. Alyona from Sevastopol

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