The Day of Medical Worker!
All the ladies registered at are from the countries of the former USSR region such as Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. On 17 June 2018 the day of medical worker is celebrated. This professional holiday is marked in calendar since 1980th in these countries.

The profession of medical workers is one of the oldest in the world, and now it is in demand literally everywhere. Each of us at least once in his life turned to the doctor for help and treatment. After all, even at the very beginning of a person's life - when a baby is born - doctors take direct part.

If the lady you communicate at our website is a doctor, a nurse or any other kind of medical worker, please remember to congratulate her on this professional holiday. We should be grateful to such ladies for the fact that in the most difficult moments they are always there to help and even save our lives.

This is why they also need our gratitude, care and, of course, love! Be there with your lady on this day!

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