The Day of Singles Is not For You!
While in China they celebrate Bachelor’s day on Nov’11 2018, in Russia and Ukraine many ladies have their professional holiday on the same day – the Economist day. Of course, in the modern world, where development processes in all spheres are characterized by high rates, the role of economists is very important and in demand. However, many economists are just ordinary women, which are many among our clients and they are also looking for love and deserve happiness! Look at these economists - aren't they beautiful?

Olga from Kiev
Alyona from Kharkov
Anna from Zolochiv

A day earlier, on November 10, another professional holiday was celebrated around the world - International Accounting Day. Look how beautiful can accountants be!

Elena from Zaporozhye
Marina from Simferopol
Tatiana from Dnepr

On Bachelor's Day in China, everyone wants to emphasize their independence. However, despite the desire to show their worth and independence, most of the young people are aimed precisely at creating a family.

Bachelor's Day can be called the Day of Singles, since the bachelor lifestyle is the life of a lonely person. Our site is specially created to help single souls, in China, Europe or America, to find their second half and acquire spiritual happiness and family comfort! Perhaps with an economist lady, or with an accountant ... Yes, it does not really matter! All you need is Love!

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