The Source of Knowledge – 1st of September
That's a flashback for many of us, but one giant leap for children into their future. The Knowledge Day appeared in many countries during the USSR period and is celebrated ever since in all the countries of the former USSR borders. This has always been a long-awaited holiday for the kids and especially for their mothers. The Knowledge Day of the 1st of September – school bells, excitement, millions of flowers and school uniform!

It’s a special day of the new studying year – mostly for pupils, students and their mothers as well as for teachers! Remember to send your lady and her child a sign of care and attention if she is the one – your lady’s kid will be happy to get a doll, a Teddy Bear or a remote controlled car as a school start this year! Your lady will enjoy a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, or maybe any of the gifts presented by our Delivery Service for Her to remember! Remind Her that in your or your children’s’ lives there should always be a place for knowledge and wisdom that will always help to overcome any difficulties and barriers!

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