10 things that will unite you with mail order bride for many years!
To live together happily ever after with your mail-order bride it is not enough to fall in love and get married. To do this, you need to make efforts and try your best to protect the relationship in reality, after a meeting on a dating site.

1. Have a good morning
This little greeting for your soulmate is not just ordinary polite treatment. A whole ritual is hidden in it. Wishing good morning to each other a husband and a wife tell each other that a new day has come, and today everything will be fine. You can do without this little thing. But having said such words to your beloved, your soul becomes calmer.

2. Hug
Tactile contact in a relationship is just as important as an emotional connection. No wonder psychologists say that for happiness a person needs eight hugs a day. Do not forget about it, and then your family life with a Russian beauty will be long.

3. Ask for help
Relations are always about mutual assistance and support. That is why loving people do not hesitate to ask for help from each other and strive to make the life of a loved one easier.

4. Spend time separately
Respecting personal boundaries is an important part of a relationship. And no matter how people love each other, they still need the so-called “me time”. Make dates with yourself and let your Russian lady do it, and then your union will always be fulfilled and strong.

5. Spend time together
Whatever the busy day, any strong couple will have at least 15 minutes to do something together. It can be cooking dinner, watching your favorite TV show, walking with a dog, or just talking with a glass of wine. Without such moments, real closeness and unity of souls is impossible.

6. Have breakfast or dinner together
Family traditions are what long and lasting relationships are based on. Do not forget about joint meals. They should be without haste, in a calm and relaxed environment. At such moments you can share something very important, tell about troubles, and enjoy the successes of your loved ones.

7. Share how the day went
It doesn’t matter whether you spent the day together or separately — you need to share emotions every night, as you most likely do now in letters and chat. To do this, it is not necessary to jump from a parachute or perform heroic deeds every day. Any little thing that came across along the way may seem important. So why not tell your beloved girl about her?

8. Discuss problems
Perfect relationships are only in Brazilian series. In life, it is impossible to do without problems. But they cannot be hushed up. In difficult moments, strong couples rally even more and experience difficulties on their way together. Only in this way it is possible to maintain relations for many years.

9. Make plans for the future
It doesn’t matter if it is planned for the weekend or life ahead. Strong couples always discuss how they see the future. And most importantly, in this picture, they are always depicted together.

10. Go to bed together
Another important point. It can even be regarded as a ritual because a joint dream is a kind of litmus test of relations. When partners quarrel, they often leave the bed. Or they sleep under different blankets, turning away from each other. On the contrary, if the couple falls asleep together, hugging, this means that in their couple everything is fine. By the way, scientists have proved that sleeping with a partner prolongs life and has a positive effect on health. So do not neglect this simple but effective recommendation. And then the golden wedding anniversary will become quite a real event in the future.

We hope our tips will help you live a long and happy life with your mail-order bride!

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