Beautiful blond Ukrainian lady Mika Newton introduces Ukraine at Eurovision 2011.
Ukrainian singer Mika Newton will represent Ukraine at annual song contest Eurovision 2011 that will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany in May of this year. Mika Newton is a winner of national Ukrainian elimination round. For her song “Angel” Mika Newton got maximum points according to the results of voting. Not only fans voted for their beloved Ukrainian blond girl via sms but the jury as well. Second place of Ukrainian Eurovision elimination tour got Zlata Ognevich - attractive Ukrainian singer and the third one got exotic lady Jamala. Ukrainian ladies singers create furor at Eurovision every year starting from Ruslana with her “Wild Dances” and then Ani Lorak, Alyosha, Tina Karol and Svetlana Loboda. It seems Ukraine is really rich with natural beauties. Stop thinking; start searching for your love among hundreds of perfect women from Ukraine.

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