Decorate a Christmas Tree with your mail order bride
Did you know that the appearance of the first decorated Christmas trees was recorded by a medieval chronicler in 1605 in German-speaking Alsace, on the territory of today's France? For more than 400 years this amazing tree has been giving joy to us in our homes.

Did you know that not only Christmas trees but also pines as well as branches of cherry trees and beeches were decorated with gilded apples and garlands of nuts in medieval Germany? And this custom was first spread in the Protestant regions of Germany. In Catholic regions, this tree was considered a pagan symbol for many decades, and there they preferred to decorate houses with Christmas cribs: a composition made of various materials depicting a scene of the adoration of the Magi to the newborn Jesus.

Did you know that the tree finally turned into a must-have attribute of Christmas only in the nineteenth century? In its first half, the forest beauties finally began to be regularly installed in the royal palaces in France, Germany, England, Denmark, Norway and Russia.

It doesn’t matter how old your beloved from the dating site is, she likes to decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the atmosphere! It is clear that the current situation in the world most likely forced you to reschedule your meeting until later. But it does not mean that you cannot communicate, be happy and bring joy to each other. On our site you can communicate at any time of the day, write letters at night and chat giving each other the best emotions. You can choose a gift from our delivery list, which will show her your concern and give her joy these days

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends! Let the new year be new in everything - in business, life views, and, of course, in relationships!

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