Five The World's Most Beautiful Ice Rinks to Attend With Russian Girlfriend
Ice skating is a mandatory item in the list of entertainment with your beautiful Russian woman during the cold season. We made a selection of the 5 most unusual ice rinks in the world.

Along the Windmills in Holland
Ice skating on the canals of Kinderdijk village, surrounded by built in the XVIII century windmills is a Dutch traditional entertainment. Until the XX century, the residents of South Holland used channels shackled by ice as a quick and convenient crossing. And only a hundred years ago, ice skating in winter turned into entertainment. In 1997, a set of windmills at Kinderdijk has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Netherlands can be considered as the birthplace of skates: it was the first Dutch artists captured the frozen rivers, canals, and ponds with people skating.

On the Beach in Australia
The ice rink on the Bondi Beach, located in the heart of Sydney, resists up to +30 ° C. To make it work it is necessary to freeze 25 thousand liters of water. One can skate right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean even in a swimsuit under the rays of the midday sun.
Or under the moon, because the rink is working even at night. However, it works only two and a half weeks of the year.

In the Woods near St. Petersburg
Forest rink with illuminated ice tracks, music and bar, is opened in the "Okhta Park" in the Leningrad region. It is located in a pine forest. The length of the rink is one and a half kilometer. It is open every day from 11 am to 9pm (on Fridays and Saturdays till 10 pm ).

In the Mountains of Kazakhstan
Ice skating rink at the sports complex "Medeu" in Kazakhstan is the most mountainous in Kazakhstan: it is close to Alma Ata, at an altitude of 1690 meters above sea level. The area of the rink is 10 square kilometers. It was constructed in 1972.
This rink works six months a year - from mid-autumn to mid-spring. During the years of work of this rink there were established more than a hundred world records in competitions in speed skating and figure skating. It is called "the factory of records" due to the high-mountain climate and crystal-clear mountain water, which is used to fill the ice.

The Channel in Canada
The longest skating rink in the world is located in the capital of Canada: Its length is about 8 kilometers, and the area is 90 hockey fields. Skating on the frozen Rideau Canal is a great way to see Ottawa: it offers a view of the castle Laurier and the Parliament of Canada. Local residents, however, uses the Rideau Canal, not for relaxed skiing but to get to work on skates.
Rideau Canal, designed for the passage of steam ships, was built in 1832. It connects Ottawa and Kingston, a city in southern Ontario. Channel was designed for a possible war with the US

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