Five tips to arrange romantic dinner with your Russian bride.

Romantic dinner for the Russian girls and Ukrainian ladies is the best way to tune her to a closer relationship. There is no doubt, your Russian lady will appreciate all the great work that you had to make.

So let's start training.

1. Cleaning. All garbage should be taken out of the house. Give a collection of empty bottles to the neighbor, also, she will be happy to take your ton of wastepaper. Give her all the old magazines, newspapers and unnecessary stuff.

2. The apartment should smell sweet. Use air fresher, not later than at least 2 hours prior to her arrival. Do not forget to handle the corridor, a toilet and a balcony carefully. Choose neutral smell (for example, the smell of lemon, which enhances women's excitement).

3. Decorations. Candles, tablecloth, napkins (use contrasting colors). Server the table, put low vase with flowers to the center are.

4. Dinner. Plan your menu in advance. You can make several kinds of sandwiches or bake meat with fruits or vegetables. Less pepper is a very important rule.

5. Music. It will set the mood. Use rock ballads. It is very comfortable to chat and dance while such music is playing.

Observing all the rules, we're sure you will attract Russian bride and she will be interested in meeting you one more time. Maybe she will invite you to her place. Don't miss the chance!

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