Four splendid flower ideas for St.Valentine’s Day
Idea #1. Tulips for St. Valentine's Day!

What could be more touching than the real flower of spring in the middle of the February frosts? In ancient times, the Cossacks brought the precious bulb from Holland as a gift to Empress Catherine II. Due to this flower She gave them freedom and new lands. Nowadays, tulips are no longer a sign of courtly luxury, but still, they do not lose their admirers among women of many countries. Tulip in the language of flowers also speaks about love romantic and perfect!

Idea #2. Bouquet of orchids on St. Valentine's Day
Orchids are among the most delicate, subtle and romantic flowers. They seem to be "born" in order to become a symbol of the art of seduction and refined and unique appeal. Orchids are given to the women with the magical look, to women, who are in love with madly.

Idea #3. Lilac Bouquet for Valentine's Day
In ancient India, Lilacs were considered to be a symbol of the incredible sexuality and femininity. In a wedding night, the bed of the newlyweds was strewn with purple flowers with a rich aroma. But in our time, a bouquet of lilacs, presented on February 14 can be considered as undeniable proof of love! After all, Russia is not India, and to find lilacs to give to Russian bride there in winter, takes great efforts!

Idea #4. Sunflowers bouquet on St. Valentine's Day
Sunflower is an absolutely incredible and inaccessible flower in winter. But it is a "child of the sun" that has always been considered as a symbol of happiness.
The language of flowers is almost as difficult as Chinese characters. But absolutely all the flowers speak about love. Touching, unrequited, passionate, sad, absurd, evil - so clear and so different at the same time. Learn to listen to their heart - it understands more than the brain. Make a bouquet of your feelings and emotions, breathing in unison with flowers, give them to your loved ones and be incredibly happy! And let St.Valentine be with you!

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