If your Russian girl's hobby is knitting
You should know that knitting is not just a hobby for your Russian girlfriend, it has a lot of advantages:

1) Knitting is like meditation, it calms you and allows you to escape from worries.

2) Such handicrafts increase attentiveness and patience.

3) The development of fine motor skills is a kind of gymnastics for the hands.

4) Knitting involves concentration, the ability to memorize rows, patterns, etc. This, in turn, trains memory.

5) Exercise prevents the development of cognitive impairment in the brain.

This means that your friend from a USSR-STAR.com dating site is most likely not only a beauty, but also a calm, wise, and patient woman! And this is a good choice!

And on October 24 the Day of love for warm socks is celebrated. Ask her via chat or email if she knows about such a cute day? The height of autumn is already here. It's time to get warm socks and enjoy the comfort, and if you don't have any, your beloved will definitely knit them for you and give them at the first meeting!

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