In case your mail order bride will want to talk to you about it!
We have no doubt that you are an interesting conversation partner and that you can participate in any discussion. But there are several unexpected topics that only a girl can think of. Some of them can certainly confuse you. We hope your interlocutor is not interested in any of the following, but we are preparing you for the worst.

We will not be surprised at all if you are skeptical of astrology. But let's clarify: the ancient teachings and weekly horoscopes in glamorous magazines are not the same things. If your lady is fond of the second, then we have bad news. But if a girl knows what the natal chart and the ascendant are, it’s even great. In this case, she will be able to tell a lot about you. And even if you don’t appreciate astrology too much, listening about yourself is always curious. Most importantly, you may want to remember the exact time of your birth for a complete horoscope, as nothing will work without it.

Vector Psychology
This is not just a doctrine, but a real psychology school, based on Freud’s article. His idea is that there are eight vectors which are responsible for our attitude and character. Within this area of psychology, one can explain everything: from inclinations to clothing preferences. If a girl decides to discuss this, you are, in fact, lucky. Again, you will learn a lot about yourself. But this is not even the main thing. The main thing is that, in talking about vectors, in any case, you will talk about personal qualities. So both of you will be able to understand what kind of people you like (maybe you don't suit each other at all).

A discussion of philosophy is as useful as a discussion of psychology. The person’s picture of the world (and the level of education) becomes immediately clear. Only, please, if you are not strong in this topic and have never thought about the works of Schopenhauer, just listen to your interlocutor and try to delve into the topic.

The fact that many people are now concerned about the environmental situation is not news. So the fate of turtles and pandas may well worry your new Russian girlfriend. Here you will have to not so hard time: you can discuss the topic, even if you do not know what environmental duty is. Try to consider the topic of preserving the planet carefully. Maybe you will rethink your attitude to the environment. It will not hurt this planet to have another person who worries about the Earth.

We hope that we helped you a little bit. And also, when one person introduces another to something new, it always makes them closer. We are sure that you will find what kind of knowledge you can surprise your new girlfriend from dating site with.

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