My girlfriend is too shy! What to do?
You have found a wonderful beautiful Russian girl, but you don’t know how to behave with her. She is so shy and you are off the hinges. Never say die! Don’t give up!
Don’t wait her to make the first step, as she is too shy for it. Take everything take into you own hands. Start the conversation (may be it will be better to begin with some funny story). Ask her about her interests, native country and city, her family and friends. At first she won’t talk a lot, but if she likes you too and you have anything in common the conversation will be spirited. Try to do justice to yourself and be a smart, interesting and interested company. Listen to her attentively and don’t interrupt. Talk about things she likes and topics she is interested in.
Don’t make fun of her and don’t say something that can be embarrassing. Don’t laugh when she tells you something serious. She can feel stupid and lose trust in you. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable and lose confidence. Be honest, tender and patient and be sure you’ll win her heart. Remember shy girls need more time. Of course don’t forget about complements, nice words, flowers and other romantic details. Shy women from Russia are still women and they also dream to find true love. There is nothing impossible. You just need a little bit more time to win the heart of your lovely shy lady.

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