New Trend In Dating You and Your Russian Woman Should Know
"Stashing" is a word you need to know if you have a Russian girlfriend. It would seem that it is impossible to bring something new into the relationship? Everything has been invented thousands of times, described by writers, painted by artists and composed by musicians. Fortunately, there are still journalists! They are able to come up with something new, even where everything has been invented a long time ago.

So, the British edition Metro officially announced a supposedly new trend in the relationship - "stashing." Speaking original language it means hiding. Literally, "stashing" translates as "hiding", and in relation to the relationship means a situation where one of the partners for some reason carefully hides the other from his friends and relatives.

According to Metro, "stashing" has become relevant right now due to the fact that many people are not acquainted in the old manner, through friends, but with the help of dating sites. So to hide a partner is much easier. (After all, if you met through friends, to hide it from these friends does not make sense.)

How to understand that you have become a victim of "stashing"? Very simple. For example, if you have been dating for several months, but the girl has not introduced you to her parents or even to some kind of overbearing friends yet.

You can also listen to the girl's phone conversation: if she tells someone how cool she went to a dolphinarium but does not mention you, then she hides you.
Well, finally, if the girl does not publish into social networks any hints on your relationship: neither flowers, nor a diamond ring, nor your co-baby. That is, if you look at her "Instagram", there is an impression that you do not exist in the life of your Russian girl. It means she stashes you? And what's about you?

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