Nine tips to talk about with sexy russian women?
A lot of guys worry greatly before a date with russian women for marriage and think not only about the joy of the upcoming meeting but also what to talk about. Which topic to discuss in order not to lose one's attraction after the first successful dating?

If you start talking about the feelings, the voice should be gentle and quiet. Usually, the girls do a lot of talking. But sooner or later she will ask to tell something, and then the question arises, what to talk about? Don’t panic: the conversation with a russian girl more than enough:

1. Cinema is the common theme. You can start with the question: "Have you watched the movie...?" Talk about the recently published updates to invite for a joint view!

2. Hobbies. Tell her about what you like. Do not forget to ask what she is interested in, and listen to her story attentively.

3. "Lovely shortcomings." Start talking about the "cute" shortcomings: the habit of being late, losing a pen or contrary to collect them accidentally. The main thing to have fun.

4. Money. Speak about the cost of traveling, CDs, books. Just do not make it long, she might think that you are a miserable curmudgeon. Two or three opinions are enough.

5. Travels. You can talk about your travels, last places you attended. Ask where she likes to go, where she has been, where she dreams to go and what places she would like to visit.

6. Cars. Ask if she drives a car. If the answer is positive, the topics for discussion will be more than enough from uncivilized drivers to traffic police injustice. Ask what cars she likes? Tell her about your dream car.

7. Job. Tell her some funny situations from your working practices. Ask about the team, about the superiors. I am sure there is something, something to laugh at.

8. Relations. Ask what the guy she'd like to meet and spend her life with. What she could never forgive: treason, betrayal, greed and so on. Do not be silent in your turn, and express your views. Talk about her friends, tell her about your friends. No need to remember and discuss your ex-girlfriends.

9. Holidays. Ask what holiday is her favorite, a holiday she loved in her childhood? What gifts she likes? Tell her about yourself. Certainly there are funny stories. If you really like a girl, there will be topics of conversation. Do not forget to make compliments, joke, and the conversation will be easy and relaxed.

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