Numerology of Relationships: what does the date of your first meeting with Russian woman mean?
Numerology can tell a lot, including the characteristics of your relationship with Russian girl by date of dating. If you remember that exciting day and a specific date, you will be able to calculate a number that will help you to keep love.

To calculate the desired figure, you must add up all dates of your dating. For example, you started dating on January 22, 2001. 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 8. The desired number is found below in the description. If your number turned out to be double digits, then bring it to a single-valued one by adding all the resulting figures.

An ambitious "One" indicates that your acquaintance occurred on a wave of common goals or interests. You are united not only by love but also by common attachments. It can be developed in business, training, aspiration to new goals.

Sentimentality, romantic spirit, softness, and sincere love - so you can characterize your couple. Two in your relationship is responsible for patience. In your pair, failures can only happen due to the fuss and doubts that one of the partners will indulge. If you learn to listen to each other and stop rushing things, then your relationship will grow from simple enthusiasm to strong feelings

Relationships, the number of which is a three, are able to survive all adversity and overcome any difficulties on the way to happiness. Partnerships are often built on a compromise, which helps to strengthen communication. You should only be more attentive to the nearest environment.

This figure indicates a cheerful relationship in which partners like to talk on any topic. Stability of this figure provides strong alliances, which over the years do not lose either the novelty or the rainbow mood.

Five is a lucky figure. If your relationship is marked by its presence, then your common happiness will be stronger over the years.

In such pair, jealousy prevails. Often, such unions are quite difficult for partners, they often have conflicts based on distrust, and emotions can overwhelm at any time.

Relationships under the number Seven are not emotional. As a rule, the law "like wil to like" works in such couple. This means that both partners do not bathe in a burning passion, but, on the contrary, seem stiff and indifferent. In reality, partners do not care about the opinion of others, and it's quite comfortable for them to be together.

The Eight is responsible for relationships that are often unpredictable. Conflict in a pair can break out from scratch and just as quickly come to naught. Often, a couple loses a lot of energy, keeping in touch with each other. For them, the expression "from love to hate is one step" is the ultimate truth.

Relationships in this pair are not just strange. They look fantastic because of the interweaving of passion, tenderness, and wisdom. Partners often idealize their companion, as if not seeing its real nature. Often, such couples are happy for a while, but later "enlightenment" comes, and the couple faces a brutal reality.

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