One third of world population is looking for love via dating site.
Third part of world population considers online dating to be the most effective way in finding a partner. Pakistan and India use internet for dating more often. BBC Social poll of more than 11 thousand internet users in 19 countries showed that 30% of internet users consider the Web to be the most convenient place to make romantic relationship. Higher results are in developing countries but Great Britain, France, the USA and South Korea are in the top lists according to BBC poll. The poll showed that people with several universities degrees are looking for their perfect match online less that people after college. Nevertheless online dating is still one of the most popular, interesting and exciting way to find your beautiful love. One of the popular online dating directions is East Europe and Russian mail order brides. American citizens are making European connections with great pleasure and getting married Russian wives. So if you’re still out of online dating, it is high time to go ahead! Make first step and register your profile and your happiness is coming to you.

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