Russian woman and ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has undressed again.
Russian ballerina published her new erotic photos on the web. On her photo Nastya poses bared in a bath, modestly covering her breasts with switches and keeping a big piece of ice. Her new photos beautiful Russian woman Anastasia Volochkova commented with great pleasure: “The best way to restore the forces is a present Russian bath and an ice font.
«The best way to restore forces is a real Russian bath or Russian banya and Ice font. I love them passionately therefore I take a steam bath very often; I am dipped into cold water without fear. And, you can estimate, how much it is cold!!! Today I have arrived home, and I have found such ice floes in our font, as if it is not the end of March outside”. Anastasia is a famous blond ballet dancer in Russia and she has fans all over the world and she enjoys provoking the men with her naked pictures. Not so long ago she published series of nude pictures while her vacation on the islands. Original natural beauty as of Nastya Volochkova is the major feature of all Russian ladies.

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