Seven Reasons for Your Russian Girlfriend and You to Fall in Love With Autumn
Autumn stress, irritability, morning crush in public transport - all these don’t make you think about the melancholy of the universe and light sadness. But if you look closely autumn can be a real gift after a hot summer for those who know how to see the joy and grace around.

1. Your Russian bride is happy as she can finally put on a new beige coat, hat, and boots, she bought a year ago. The evening cool is a reason to wrap the neck with a bright scarf. Fall pictures will please you in winter.

2. Autumn harvest: an abundance of vegetables and fruit from September to October. This is the reason to stock up on vitamins for the whole year, invite your friends to watermelon eating or go to your grandmother in the village for the weekend.

3. Beautiful scenery. The great Russian poet Pushkin described the bright colors of the season with undisguised delight. Even if you're not a fan of walking in golden sun-drenched alleys, rustling leaves and yellow flashes outside will give you the energy and strength to work in the office.

4. It is the best time to travel if you didn’t have a vacation in the summer, do not worry. In autumn you will be able to save considerably, as travel agents cut prices in autumn.

5. In September, many educational institutions start their work. It's time to learn something new: sign up for tango courses or join the community of fans of silent films.

6. The season if the theaters and concert halls open in mid- September. Most often, the new season starts with a bright prime. Do not miss your chance to join the art!

7. Love: Autumn is probably the best season to fall in love seriously and permanently. In spring your feelings are caused by hormones, in summer there is resort romance; in winter it is necessary to ask for marriage, but in autumn you will finally be able to understand who you want to spend long nights with.

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