Seven Unexpected Hints that can Lead to divorce with Russian wife
There is no guarantee that even the most cloudless relationship will not end with mutual claims and final break of lovers. But psychologists say that you can predict the future discord in the family when there are no hints. Here are 10 signs when a happy marriage may be at risk and end with the parting of spouses. If at least one of the statements below describes your family life, be careful - your family union is under threat.

1. Bride was too nervous before the wedding
According to studies, marriages in which the wife is going to the altar in a cold sweat and with trembling knees, end with divorce twice often.

2. Spouse are very young or stepped 32-year milestone
Statistics states that marriages at an early age, in most cases end with divorce. Mostly in 10-15 years after marrying someone of the spouses finds that absolutely a stranger is closer to him/her and he has nothing to do with those who stood at the altar at a wedding.

3. There are two daughters in the family
The presence of two beautiful daughters increases the risk of divorce to 43%. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers at Columbia University. In the families with two sons, this factor increases to 37%

4. Parents at least of one of the spouses were divorced
If your parents are divorced, the chance that you will repeat the fate of them is extremely high.

5. Bringing up the difficult child
Parents whose child suffers from attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder, are likely to get divorced even before the baby reaches 8 years.

6. Debts and loans
Cash loans are a test of strength for a couple. While financial difficulties, the husband and wife are becoming more estranged from each other, and the chance that one of them wants to leave the exhausting relationship grows to 45%.

7. One of the partners smokes
Habit puts marriage under attack if only one of the partners is smoking. The reason is the irreconcilable differences in lifestyle and attitude towards health.

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