Ten absolutely refreshing everyday tips to amaze your Ukrainian woman
The beginning of the new day is one more chance to enhance your life with your Ukraine lady. Here you are morning routine consisting of ten. This routine helps to look and to feel better today and it will change the quality of your life to far long perspective.

1. Start your day with cardio. This first task will help to level your body and mind up. Besides the exercises help to make your body more attractive and the skin will become clearer shortly.

2. Have a good breakfast. Take your body as a machine that needs fuel for better performance. Start your engine starting your day with the breakfast that will give turnovers for long work hours.

3. Brush your teeth. One can bet when it is better to do this. Some people brush them before breakfast, others after but everybody agrees that morning teeth brushing is absolutely necessary for your mouth health and for your smile.

4. Use eye cream. Eyelid skin is thin and sensitive so it is one of those places where you will see signs of aging first of all. The cream will soften and moisturize dry thin skin in the eyelids and prevent the wrinkles. Creams with retinol are particularly good.

5. Shave. Most women prefer the freshly shaven men, so make sure take the time to this important procedure.

6. Do 100 push-ups. This advice may be old, but it is proven: adding 100 pushes to your morning cardio training, you will get the abs that will drive women crazy. Moreover, cheering up the core muscles in such a way, you will improve your posture at the rest of the day – and you will look taller and more confident.

7. Take your lunch with you. It only takes a few minutes, but it will save an incredible amount of calories and unnecessary sodium that you get when dining out or even worse, buying fast food. If you are one of those who absolutely do not have time, try to bring lunch only twice a week - and you will quickly notice that a few kilos dropped and cholesterol and the pressure returned to a proper level.

8. Use a face cleanser. To make your skin fresh, massage your face right in the shower using a high-quality product for cleaning the skin. Look for an agent that contains scrubbing particles or 2-percent solution of salicylic acid: the one and the other will help you to clean the pores, within a month it will make your skin fresher.

9. Drink Caffeine. Black coffee and green or black tea are a storehouse of antioxidants that can help you look young. Researchers also suggest that regular use of these beverages in small amounts can reduce the risk of senile dementia, as well as certain forms of cancer. In addition, a cup of coffee will give the same sense of recovery, which is so needed in the morning.

10. Use your "signature" scent. If you regularly use the same perfume, the women will associate this perfume with you. To smell great all day long, use deodorant, cologne and even soap of the same brand.

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