The Major Reason to Treat Online Dating Site seriously
Most representatives of Western culture prefer to marry and marry for love. While traditional marriages by an agreement that are more typical for Oriental countries are considered wrong in the West, as parents here should not make a choice for children.

However, dating with the help of Internet has much in common with marriages on the basis of an agreement, this conclusion was reached by the professor of the Rochester Institute of Technology Amitrajit Batabyal.

He noted that recently in the United States it has become more popular to use sites for dating, including dating for marriage. According to statistics, a third of American couples who got married between 2005 and 2012, met online. And online dating platforms for partner search are expanding and becoming more common in the community.

All dating sites are arranged on the principle of set characteristics of traditional marriages. For example, when parents select a partner for the daughter, they use a set of criteria that are important to them. The same is applied to users entering the site - they sort the list of possible partners and select who is considered the most suitable.

In other words, filling out profiles, passing tests of personality type, multiple questionnaires are analogs of the criteria that parents used to use before.

Now, choosing an online dating, people to a certain extent trust their choice to algorithms and do not remember that in the beginning they conducted the selection "by agreement", and only then the love came.

So there is a very serious reasons to trust the dating sites!

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