Thirteen Scientific Facts That Ukrainian Women Are Better Than Men
Women live longer than men
This deplorable fact was confirmed by the Center for the Study of Longevity in New England. It turned out that out of all the earthlings who blew 100 candles on their cake, 85% of them were female.

Russian Women manage money better
The Barclay Foundation and the Research Center in the English city of Ledbury discovered that ladies investors are much more reliable than their male counterparts.

Women are more diligent students than men
According to the assurances of University of Georgia and Columbia University male students are more likely to leave the university than female students.

Girls drive better than men
According to statistics released recently by the municipality of New York in accidents that have ended with death or serious injury for pedestrians, the guilty male drivers are more than 80%.

Women are more effective in leadership positions
According to an article published in the International Bulletin of Business Management and Ethics, companies headed by women are generally much more stable than those under men's command.

The women are brilliant programmers
Gradually, women are pushing men away from the computer screen: the latest study of Sussex University showed: female programmers are better than their male counterparts, writing codes for the design of computer 3D games

Women have a solid memory
At least, harder than men.

The women have higher pain barrier
Actually, any man who has been forced by a cruel fate to be a witness of childbirth is unlikely to argue with this.

The immune system of women is stronger
And all because of the main female hormone - estrogen, scientists of the Canadian University McGill assure. Estrogen effectively protects the fragile female body from bacteria and viruses.

Women are cleaner than men
Employees of the State University of San Diego meticulously studied the desktops of several hundred office employees and found on the tables employees of men much more bacteria than on tables belonging to women.

Women quickly find things that are missing
Professor of Psychology Diane Halper conducted a series of tests and found that women better remember the terrain, the details of the situation and the sequence of events, which means they will find the keys to the car faster.

Women are better at distinguishing colors and shades.

Women also cope better with stress
It's all about the presence the hormone oxytocin in the female body. It stabilizes the mental background. The production of this hormone increases during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but on other days it is present in the body of a woman in large doses than in a male body.

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