Three Reasons for Stashing in Relationship with your Russian Girl
Do you feel something unusual in your relationship with russian girlfriend? Do you want to participate in her whole life but she never gives you such chance? We want to let you know there is a stashing in your relationship. Bear in mind, "stashing" does not necessarily indicate that the girl is ashamed of you or does not perceive your relationship as serious. There are at least three more reasons for "stashing".

Reason #1. The girl is afraid of losing you
Let's be honest, not everyone is the owner of a healthy, shiny self-esteem. And if in the company of your girlfriend there is someone who she considers more beautiful, smarter and sexier that she is then maybe she will hide you from this bitch to the last.

2. She has terrible friends
And they are really awful. For example, they will use abusive language all the time. Or they like to touch the nose of the interlocutor with dirty hands. In general, these friends are awful. She loves them and she has reconciled, over the years of communication but she decided to take care of your tender psyche for the time being.

3. She has no friends
This happens to people who have fewer than 100 friends in social networks - alas, this is modern cynical statistics. She has nobody to introduce you to, so she does not introduce you. There are pluses to such an introverted approach to life: nobody comes to you in the middle of the night and nobody asks you for help in you only day off.
If you still don't like stashing in your life and want to stop it, just do it, speak to your beloved lady and explain her your position.

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