Top Relationship Problem of All Dating People
Why does everything start so lovely and usually end sadly? Why does my Slavic woman always want to change me? Why doesn't he listen to me? Why didn’t I notice all the shortcomings of my partner before? Why, why and why???

Questions like these usually come to mind in about six months or a year after the beginning of the relationship, at the end of the so-called "candy-bouquet" period.

And it happens because we are too focused on our partner. We expect that he or she will say what he or she will do, and how he or she will act towards you.

And, as a rule, we are not happy with this attitude. And we practically do not see dignity but notice only the shortcomings of the closest person.

In my opinion, this is the main problem of all relationships - we expect others to give us more, that they should make us happy, and they must do what we expect of them. But everyone has his way, and people, even the closest ones, do not have to meet our expectations. That’s why we get angry, we’re offended (our thoughts attract even more negative), and these feelings increase.

You can break this vicious circle. The secret is to leave your partner alone and focus solely on yourself.

To think first of all about yourself is to think about what you can give, what you can share, what you can do for another person, and not how much of it you can capture and hold.

On this occasion, there is one remarkable saying:
"To live happily with a person, you need to think about what you have in common, and not about your differences."

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