Why do Russian Women Love Black Friday?
Black Friday is a famous season of sales, which takes place almost all over the world after November 23 and your Russian girl is ready for shopping.
The custom of making big sales was born in the US back in the 19th century thanks to marketers, and the term Black Friday was born only in 1966.

As Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on Thursday, on Friday, when people leave for cheaper goods, large traffic jams are formed on the roads. In addition, buyers always arrange chaos in stores and help services often go to the scene of accidents.

Some people take a day off for shopping, and shops work a few hours longer. Black Friday differs from the usual seasonal sale with the size of discounts: from 30 to 90%. Therefore, in shopping centers, there are always crowds of people and endless queues. It is important to note that this day brands make cheaper not the worst goods but top-selling items. The fact is that in one day retailers can earn much more than they usually get in a month.

Ukraine joined several years ago to the world trend of mass sales. In 2017, Black Friday in Ukraine will be held on November 24 and will be held in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, the Dnieper and other cities. Large shopping centers and even small shops will please shopaholics with pleasant prices for clothes, shoes, equipment, accessories, books and much more.

You can buy online on Amazon, Macy's, Walmart, Kohl's, Samsung and many many others. That is why the event is so popular among shopaholic Russian girls.

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