Fond of travelling? Meet World Tourism Day with Your Special Lady!
World Tourism Day was established by the World Tourism Organization in 1979. Ever since the aim of celebrating 27 September as World Tourism Day is considered to be the promotion of tourism, highlighting its contribution to the economy of the world community, the development of ties between the peoples of different countries. Most of our users are keen travelers, many of them already manage to combine trips around the world with pleasant acquaintances and meeting girls successfully. After all, a beautiful lady can not only make you a nice company on a trip to an exotic country, but also show you the culture and traditions of her own country when you visit Her and – no doubts - make you happy one day!

It is a holiday of everyone who has once felt himself a traveler, having got out of everyday fuss into the new unexplored places of our planet!
And, of course, it is a holiday of those who are directly engaged in tourism business: employees of travel companies, museum workers, managers and staff of hotel complexes - everyone who professionally provides comfortable and safe rest. Be sure to congratulate your girlfriend on her professional holiday on September 27! And maybe you even decide to invite one of the girls from our website for a trip of your life one day?! After all, travelling creates a new world, provides new opportunities, opens new horizons for communication. Find your favorite girl! Have your Dream Journey with Her! Is She one of these ladies?

1. Albina from Sevastopol

2. Anastasia from Dnepropetrovsk

3. Rita from Kharkov

4. Elena from Berdyansk

5. Yana from Berdyansk

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