Most Popular Smiley's Anniversary!
Every year on September 19 an unusual holiday is celebrated all over the world - the Birthday of the most friendly and popular electronic symbol- the Birthday of Smiley. On September 19, 1982, Professor E. E. Fahlman of the Carnegie Mellon University first proposed the use of three symbols in succession - a colon, a hyphen and a closing bracket, to designate a "smiling face" in the text that is typed on the computer.
This was a serious replenishment of the electronic lexicon which has been used by each of us in our everyday communication in the Internet or text messages ever since.

For 35 years of its existence, the "smiley" has become an invariable attribute of electronic communication :-)."Smiley" replaces what is lacking in communication through chat or e-mail - voice intonation and facial expressions, we can hardly get without it, can’t we? "Smilies" help to understand the interlocutor better, to catch his mood, after all, they are just funny and cause positive emotions. Be a part of this wonderful habit and send your loved ones a cute smile on this day – in the chat or in the message! ;-)

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