Tulip delivery campaign has been launched
Ussr-Star.com announces tulips delivery! Tulip got its modern name in ancient Persia. The Persians called this flower as "turban". Indeed, its bud looks like a turban.

Tulips came to Europe from the Ottoman Empire, and they were brought here only in the 16th century. And immediately these beautiful flowers gained recognition in France, England, in Italy and Germany and especially in Holland. It was the Dutch breeders who achieved such a variety of tulip sorts, the bright multi-coloured buds of which delight the eye in spring.

Sending vivid, multicolour tulips you will deliver your passionate feelings to the girl!

Overflowing with warm hues, this timeless flower arrangement will bring a smile to your lady’s face during the most passionate time of the year. Tulips are known as a manifestation of true love to your female partner. They are also well known to signify rebirth, as they are among the first flowers to bloom during springtime.

Red tulips, yellow tulips, pink tulips… Choose the colour of your season!

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