Do this with your Russian lady!
Nowadays, many studies are being conducted that are devoted to the theme of leisure organization. The results do not seem iridescent and positive, one can say they are alarming. Considering the results of research conducted in America, we learned that the average American citizen spends half of his off-hours on watching television. And he doesn’t do it because he watches his favorite programs or films, but just to spend his free time somehow.
Many doctors from different areas of medecine believe that the most common physical activity and the opportunity to feel nature are the most powerful antidepressants, both in marriage and in life in general. And those spouses who together make such walks hear about family quarrels and scandals often only from the other people.

Of course, you need to allocate much more financial resources on such types of recreation as roller-skating together, horse riding, skiing, water, mountain and hiking tourism than on simple walks in the park or fishing. But their value for the family relations themselves is indescribable. A young married couple will more easily endure the so-called "getting ground" in the relationship, and couples who have lived together for decades, in this environment, experience the very first feelings of the honeymoon.

And yet, communication with pets is the most powerful antidepressant beyond the above-mentioned physical activities. Numerous studies show that it is the ability to care for anyone, including domestic animals, that can be among the main reasons for living.

Therefore, if you do not have a dog, it's time to buy it and go for a walk with your Russian wife.

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