How To Prepare Dinner for Two With Your Russian Wife
A romantic dinner is another way for a Russian woman to tell a man about her warm feelings, to emphasize his importance in life and a special place in the heart of a woman. Especially if the dinner for two is well thought out. You can do the same in return.

First, think about the interior of your dinner, about the romantic atmosphere that will reign this evening. It's up to you whether you are sitting on a soft blanket on the floor, surrounded by numerous pillows or in a cozy dining room, where the candles will mysteriously flicker on the shelves. Simply prepare all the attributes in advance. A beautiful tablecloth, napkins, lowered curtains, light music and your Russian lady will be amazed.

Heavy snacks are unacceptable for a romantic dinner. Dinner should be light. For example, a salad with vegetables and shrimps, chicken fillet with tomatoes or light casserole, fruit, and cheese. Prepare the menu in advance to have time to cook everything and buy in the store. For example, vegetables for the salad can be cooked the night before. If you do not have time to cook everything yourself few hours before dinner, you should order food in a cafe, so that it can be delivered it in time.

Your Russian bride will put on the most beautiful dress, make a hairdo and make-up, manicure. After all, she should always be the most charming and attractive in order to admire you, enjoye every minute spent in your society.

Think about what you will be talking about at the table, perhaps it is worth preparing several romantic surprises: notes with warm confessions to him, a small memorable souvenir, a video of your photos with words about how you love and appreciate her. Such dinner will surely leave a lot of memories and warm feelings in your soul. Or maybe you'll arrange a thematic romantic dinner in a gangster or Shakespearean style, and, guessing her interests, conquer her heart once and for all.

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