Seven Interesting Differences between Catholic and Orthodox Christmas
Christmas is celebrated all over the world and it has become the most favorite holiday of all people on the planet. Even those who do not consider themselves believers celebrate the holiday.
Christmas is the most glorious feast for the faithful Christians. In the 11th century, it was split into two parts: Orthodox and Catholic. Each church celebrates Christmas Eve on different days: your Russian women who are Orthodox - on the night of January 6 to 7. Catholics - on the night of December 24 to 25. What other differences exist between the Orthodox and Catholic Christmas?

1. Different celebration dates of Catholic and Orthodox Christmas occurred due to the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

2. The Catholics do not have Lent as it is. There are so-called Advent - the waiting time of the holiday. Zealous Catholics trying to devote more time to prayers, church attendance, and communication with the family. And some people even limit themselves to food and they do not eat meat.
The Orthodox has the Lent that lasts forty days and is called the Great Lent. Orthodox people do not eat meat, eggs, dairy products. On weekends, they can eat fish.

3. The traditional Orthodox Christmas dish is a goose with apples. Catholics have a great variety of different dishes which they are preparing for Christmas.

4. Catholics give everyone gifts on Christmas. Orthodos give the gifts to the New Year and they call holiday tree as Christmas tree and Othodox call it New Year’s Tree.
The main character of the Catholic Christmas is not a newborn Savior but Santa Claus. By hanging over the fireplace beautiful socks, the children are waiting for gifts from Santa. All Christmas miracles are associated with the actions of funny Santa who loves to fool around. By the way, not all Catholic priests support this almost pagan cult.
The Orthodox Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is purely spiritual, religious holiday.

5. In the Orthodox church tradition there is one night Christmas service, which connects the Great Compline, Matins and Liturgy. And in the Catholic Church there are three separate Christmas Masses - at night, in the morning and afternoon. It symbolizes the birth of the Savior in the bosom of the Father, in the womb of the Virgin Mary and in the soul of each person.

6. Catholics has one important concept that is surprisingly accurately describes the mood that captures people before Christmas. This is Christmas Spirit. This is the time when all people believe in miracles, when bad people suddenly become good and gentle, when you feel like in a fairy tale. This is a time of peace, joy and love.
The Orthodox also try to do good deeds, but there is no such notion like Christmas Spirit.

7. It is believed that the Orthodox people honor Easter more than Christmas, and Catholics on the contrary. That is, for the Orthodox it is important that Christ was resurrected, and for Catholics,that he was born.

Anyway this wonderful holiday (Christmas) is beautiful, and we would like to congratulate all our members with the holidays coming and wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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