Several commandments of family life with a Russian wife
1. Never threaten your Russian wife with divorce! Don't underestimate the power of words in a relationship between two people. After all, a man, in general, is a suggestible being. Especially the one who spends most of his life by your side.

Once uttered the word "divorce" can generate a seditious thought in the partner's head: "Maybe with a divorce, it is true, that ... it will become better?" There is also another situation. Often, one of the partners, with a threat to part, tries to restrain the other, to scare him, not suspecting that such a tactic can lead to exactly the opposite result.

If your Russian wife lives in constant fear of losing a partner, then she can get very, very tired of this fear. So much so that at some point the next threat "Let's part!" will answer: "Come on." Because as much as possible, in fact! So never, never, never say the word "divorce" out loud. And about myself - as much as you like.

2. Shared leisure with a Russian wife is the lifeboat of any relationship. And yes, the upbringing of common children and common life are not regarded as time spent together. Spending every free hour together is optional, just one hour a week. But this time should be dedicated only to you two.

Moreover, it is better to spend it not in the cinema hall and not chasing pigeons in the park, but doing light-hearted sports. That is, the next time when a familiar couple reports that they "did nothing" all weekend, you will answer that you won the district championship in embroidery. And feel a surge of pride: this is what we are!

3. Respect the personal space of your Beloved Russian wife and defend your personal space. Start from your bed! The bed should be as wide as possible so that in a dream you do not interfere with each other. Very often people sacrifice comfort in the name of the mythical notion that couples should sleep in an embrace. As a result, people interfere with each other's sleep for years, accumulating irritation on their partner.

Of course, a large apartment, in which you can make a wheel and go unnoticed, also does not hurt. But even in a small dwelling, you can acquire personal space. It can be either a desktop or a gymnastic ball. The main thing is that your Russian woman knows: this is forbidden territory. She cannot get close to it and even more so jump on it (if you still prefer a ball to a table). This technique creates the illusion of personal space, which is so necessary when he lives side by side with another person.

There can be many more of these rules, and we will come back to this topic. In the meantime, we wish you happiness and, most importantly, meet your man in the vastness of

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