Three Things that a Husband of His Russian Wife Should Be Able to Do!
Not all of the skills that you once diligently developed are mandatory for men. But these three you must master in order your Russian wife treats you as real man. Lol! Russian girls love brutal, courageous, brave men who manage to operate in different life situations.

Open the beer with a lighter
A human baby is not considered to be adapted to an independent life until he learns three things: to walk, talk and open a beer bottle with a lighter. Perhaps the latter is the most important skill in our list. A person who has mastered it in perfection does not even need a lighter - a key, a knife and, in general, any thing that can be used as a lever.

To sharpen a knife
Well, it is nice if the dismissed butler collecting his things left whetstone on the fireplace in a hurry. But if he took it and you want to put an edge on the knife, do not despair. For this purpose, the lower edge of the plate can be used. Your task is to place the blade at an angle of 20° and smoothly move it from yourself and to the side.

To fry a steak
Whatever the adherents of the sushi say, food that does not have to be killed and cut can not be male by definition. Therefore, frying meat (in any form, but better as a large piece) is a valuable skill. And it does not matter if the steak does not work out the first time. Hard meat is better than soft yogurt.

if you've done with these skills we would recommend you to ask your mail order bride the questions how she sees her real macho and then move to her goal!

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