Three chocolate varieties to choose for Russian bride
Have you already learnt the tastes of your Russian lady? Do you know what sort of chocolate to choose when you’re going to meet with your sweet tooth?
Chocolate is the most popular dessert in the world. Every year, consumers spend $ 7 billion on this delicacy, and sales peak can be observed at the end of autumn.
There are several basic types of chocolate. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and powdered sugar. This type of chocolate has much fewer admirers, but it is considered to be the safest because it contains a minimum of sugar and there is no cream or milk. Milk chocolate is more popular: it is sweeter than the bitter and it contains more calories. Milk chocolate ingredients include cocoa liquor (but in much smaller quantities than in bitter chocolate), sugar, cocoa butter, cream or milk. Unscrupulous manufacturers add soy into chocolate that significantly affects the taste and quality of the product. Therefore, one should pay attention to the composition of chocolate – there should not be any soy. Another popular variety of this comfort food is white chocolate. It is distinguished from the milk chocolate by the absence of chocolate liquor in the composition. This kind of chocolate is not as healthful as others, due to the high sugar content, and various additives.
So you're welcome to choose the most suitable sort of chocolate to give to your Russian beauty.

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