What Are The Differences Between Men and Ukraine Women?
We all know the main differences between men and women. Be they European women or Russian ladies, they still have great differences in comparison to the men. We are different not only physiologically, but also at the level of psychology. Scientists have shown that the list of differences is almost infinite.

Bert Pakkenberg, a Danish scientist, found out that there are more than four million cells in the brain of a man. But, despite this, tests that were conducted for men and women showed that female brain operates 3% better. And all because women have a so-called corpus callosum. It serves as a "cable" between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Men have fewer connections between the hemispheres. That is why they can do only one thing qualitatively. A woman can easily cook dinner, lull a child, watch TV and talk with a friend on the phone. It is better not to distract men even when they shave.

Men and women sleep in different ways. Electric brain activity in men while sleeping will fall by 70%, and in women - only 10%. The answer is sought in the history of primitive society: man is a hunter. At home, he should rest well. The woman is the keeper of the hearth - she keeps an eye on the house and children.

The left hemisphere of a man is responsible for the speech, the women have two centers - in the left and right hemispheres. There are many terms and words in the speech of men. The woman actively uses intonations and emotions. A woman pronounces up to 8,000 words a day, using up to 3,000 sounds and up to 10,000 nonverbal signals. The men have the following indicators: 4000 words, 2000 sounds, 3000 gestures.

Orientation in space
This is the Achilles' heel of a woman. Asian scientists used labyrinths to make this study. The results showed successful decisions in 92% of men and only 8% in women. For example, 82% of men and only 22% of women can park properly. And women who do not have one of the X chromosomes should not drive at all.

Women better distinguish high-frequency sounds. And the difference in tone is heard more thinly. The man determines the source of sound better.

The skin of a woman is more sensitive than the skin of a man in 10 times! Men's skin is thicker, and therefore less prone to wrinkles.

The retina of the eyes is different for men and women. The palette of flowers in the eyes of a woman is much brighter. Women see a semitone, that is a rarity for a man. Women also have excellent peripheral vision, which reaches 180º. Therefore, when driving a car, women rarely miss side strikes. The man's vision is tunneling: he sees what is in front of him. But while men see better at night

Taste and Smell
The taste of men is most pointed at bitter and salty food. Women feel thinner sweets. But as for the sense of perfumes, no man can compare with a woman. The woman's brain determines the attractiveness of a man due to smells. It's no secret that every person has an absolutely different flavor.

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