It’s Easter Time!
In 2019 Catholic Easter is celebrated on 21 April and we would like to celebrate it together with our users! We’ve prepared most popular Easter sets ideas for delivery – check and choose to greet Your Special Lady!

In each country, there are specific traditions of celebrating Easter, let's get acquainted with some of them. It’s a great idea to know what customs reside in other countries. What if your Special Second Half will come from one of these countries?

For instance, in England Easter is even more important than Christmas.
People congratulate each other on the end of Lent and the beginning of a new life. After the special Easter service, it is customary to spend time with family, eat Easter cakes and treat each other chocolate eggs.

In Germany they have other holiday symbols in addition to painted Easter eggs. For example, this is an Easter bunny, which is believed to bring colored eggs to children. Did you know that Germany was considered the birthplace of the Easter Bunny?

Easter for Italians is one of the favorite holidays. On this day, they gather in the family circle, have Easter breakfast, eat colored eggs, cheese cake and Naples pie. The holiday does not do without a traditional mass on the main square of the Vatican, which is held by the Pope himself.

In the United States people celebrate Easter in different ways, because it is a multinational country. In many cities there are Easter street processions. The symbol of Easter in America is the lily.

This Christian holiday is celebrated in Russia beautifully and solemnly indeed. On the eve of Easter, in all the temples vigils and the processions around the churches take place. By this time, in every house they had baked traditional festive pastries – Easter cakes, which symbolize the body of Christ, and painted eggs. Starting from the very morning, believers visit each other with treats, giving a friend colored eggs, while saying: “Christ is risen!” - “Truly he is risen!”

By the way, the Ukrainian traditions of celebrating Easter are almost completely the same as the Russian ones, but even within Ukraine there are differences in its different areas. However, traditional Easter cakes, painted eggs, Easter chickens and a bouquet of flowers are invariable attributes of Slavic festivities.

It’s time for miracles! Be a part of it and greet Your Special Lady!
Happy Easter!

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